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Justin Trudeau

Libertal Party Leader

Justin Trudeau's "F-" score as a party leader is based on assessment of his personal leadership on 9 measurement categories relating to policy, voting, or actions, summarized as follows:

Summary of Actions

Voting Record

Of the 13 bills or issues that came up during his parliamentary career, Trudeau has voted or acted the wrong way, every single time. His horrendous voting record is a litany of immorality and hostility towards traditional values.

Sanctity of Life

Justin Trudeau’s embrace of the culture of death has been total and complete. He has advanced anti-life policies with all the powers at his disposal both as PM, and prior to that, as Liberal Leader.


Justin Trudeau is the most rabidly pro-abortion Prime Minister in Canadian history, and speaks proudly of his support for the killing of babies in the womb.

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Trudeau even defended the practice of misogynistic, sex-selective abortions when  questioned about it by a journalist.


In December 2017, the Trudeau government changed the Canada Summer Jobs program which gives funding assistance to employers to help them create summer jobs for students. It  did so by requiring all employers seeking the federal grant money to sign an attestation swearing their support for abortion.

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Even churches and Christian employers were required to swear fealty to abortion, causing critics to point out that Trudeau is transforming the Liberal Party into a hate group against Christians.


In 2014-2015, Trudeau successfully campaigned to pressure New Brunswick to drop its modest restriction that abortions be “medically necessary” before they can be funded by taxpayers. As a result, abortion-on-demand for any reason or no reason at all, is now fully taxpayer-funded as in the rest of Canada.

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During the same period, Trudeau campaigned for the last, abortion-free zone in Canada - Prince Edward Island - to begin committing abortions on the Island. Previously, a person had to travel to neighboring provinces. It was a modest barrier that probably increased the likelihood that mothers with unplanned pregnancies would choose life for their baby.

Trudeau’s successful removal of the modest restrictions on abortion in both these provinces has naturally resulted in a greater death toll of preborn children.

Under Trudeau’s reign as Prime Minister, Health Canada expanded the gestational age at which the chemical abortion drug, Mifegymiso, can be administered to kill a child, increasing it from 7 weeks to 9 weeks.

The rule that women must give written consent before the drug can be dispensed, was eliminated. It was a common sense safeguard against coercion from boyfriends, sexual abusers or others who may force women to take the pill under duress. Also eliminated was the requirement that an ultrasound must first be performed prior to a chemical abortion.


In March 2017, the Trudeau government proudly announced that it would divert $650 million of Canadian taxpayer dollars, over three years, to pay for abortions in Africa.

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The money will not only be used to directly kill preborn African children in countries where it is legal, but it will also go to NGOs which engage in advocacy to have abortion legalized in nations that currently ban it.


Trudeau legalized the form of homicide known as euthanasia and assisted suicide through the passage of Bill C-14.

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His Liberal government is now working towards legalizing child euthanasia, and permitting those with depression and mental health problems to demand a lethal injection. By definition, both of these are categories of people who cannot give informed consent.

Marriage & the Family

Justin Trudeau has been a fierce opponent of the true definition of marriage, and of the understanding from time immemorial that children do best when raised by their mother and father, in a traditional family unit.

He is such a rabid opponent of natural marriage, that during the time when Stephen Harper was Prime Minister, Trudeau told the French-language CBC that he might support Quebec’s separation from Canada if the Conservatives were ever to legally restore the true definition of marriage.

When challenged on the disconnect between his public promotion of homosexuality and the teachings of the Catholic religion of which he claims to be an adherent, Trudeau stated: “As a politician I have political positions on gay marriage and on abortion that don't at all resemble those of the Catholic Church."

In a despotic December 2017 edict, the Trudeau government changed the Canada Summer Jobs program to require employers seeking federal grants for the creation of student employment positions, to first sign an attestation swearing that they support homosexuality (and abortion).

Transgender Ideology

Trudeau is a radical proponent of transgender ideology, the un-scientific belief that being male or female is not related to one biological reality but rather, is something you choose based on how you “feel” in your own mind. According to this theory, gender is fluid like water and can change from day-to-day.

Trudeau is so rabid in his support of transgender ideology that for Halloweeen 2017, he dressed up his own 3-year old son - as a girl - in a pink dress.

Gay Pride Parades

Justin Trudeau never misses the homosexual pride parade. He proudly marches in this lewd event which features buck naked men marching through the streets of Toronto, simulated sex acts, sexual bondage, and portrayals of sado-masochism.

Open Nominations

Trudeau does not permit a democratic nomination process in the Liberal Party. One of Trudeau’s early acts upon becoming Liberal Party Leader, was to ban pro-life Canadians from running as Liberal Party candidates due to their religious or moral beliefs about abortion.

Observers have pointed out this is a form of anti-religious discrimination directed against Christians, Jews and those of other faiths who believe that killing children before birth is morally wrong.

Likewise, Canadians seeking to become Liberal Party candidates will not be green-lit to proceed in the candidate nomination process if they adhere to a biblical belief in marriage and human sexuality.

Free Speech

Trudeau strongly opposes the constitutional right to freedom of speech.

His Liberal government passed Bill C-16, legislation which enshrined the radical and un-scientific theories of “Gender Identity” and “Gender Expression” into Canada’s Criminal Code and Human Rights Act.

This totalitarian law is a direct assault on free speech. It subjects those who dare to point out that biological males are not really women, to accusations of “hate speech” and “human rights violations”.

As famously pointed out by Dr. Jordan Peterson, this law also grants the State the power to compel citizens to utter words in which they do not believe, such as made-up, transgender pronouns, like “Zhe” and “Zir” instead of “he” and “her”.


Trudeau campaigned on decriminalizing marijuana, the dangerous gateway drug to harder narcotics like cocaine, crack and heroin.

Under Trudeau’s monstrous legislation, a child as young as 12-years old can now legally possess up to ten joints, and share them with friends.

This is a seriously destructive social policy which will dramatically increase the use of this addictive, mind-altering drug by young people. It will further lower the already degraded morals of society.

It will also set the stage for the legalization of all drugs, including recreational cocaine and heroin, as some Liberal politicians are already demanding. In fact, Last April, at a convention in Halifax, the Liberal party rank and file members passed a resolution to decriminalize simple possession and consumption of all illicit drugs. It is clear that the Liberal Party is intent on creating a druggy culture in Canada.

Parental Rights

In 2015, the Trudeau government committed to banning and criminalizing the traditional parenting technique of spanking. It did this by threatening to repeal section 43 of the Criminal Code of Canada.

That section is what protects the right of parents to use corporal discipline, like a spank, to enforce behavior.

A Liberal Senator has already introduced this bill, called S-206, which, if passed, will transform loving parents into criminals. Giving a child a spank to enforce behavior, or even holding the child against his will until he calms down, would be become “child abuse” if S-206 passes.

If Justin Trudeau gets his way, parents could literally go to jail – or have their children taken away by Children’s Aid - for utilizing this common, time-tested parenting practice as one of many disciplinary tools that they employ to responsibly raise their children to be well-adjusted, respectful, law-abiding citizens.

It must be noted that Sweden’s ban on spanking in 1979 produced disastrous social results in  that country. Just like the activists pushing for a ban in Canada, those who did so in Sweden falsely claimed that traditional spanking leads to child abuse, and that banning it would reduce the instances of child abuse.

The exact opposite happened in Sweden. The rate of physical assault on children exploded after the ban, doubling in the first year alone.

As it turns out, Swedish parents no longer able to control their children’s behavior for fear of the law, eventually began exploding in rage and actually committing real physical assault.

Subsequent generations of Swedish children raised under the ban, themselves became dramatically more violent as youth, committing much more youth-on-youth violence compared to previous generations.

If it passes, Trudeau’s plan to ban spanking as a form of parental discipline will be equally disastrous to Canada’s social fabric, families, and to children themselves.

NOTE: Always make your voting decision based on the merit of your local candidates, not the Party Leaders. If a local candidate in your riding has a green light rating from Campaign Life Coalition, vote for them, even if the Party Leader disappoints.

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