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2019 Federal Election – What’s at stake for social conservatives and people of faith?

2019 Federal Election – What’s at stake for social conservatives and people of faith?

On October 21st Canadians will head to the polls to choose a new government. Given the volume of destructive legislation and programs enacted by Justin Trudeau in the past 3-1/2 years, it is crucial now more than ever, that we elect pro-life and pro-family Members of Parliament across the country.

We need to these pro-lifers to work within government to not only halt the evil programs, but to reverse them.

Trudeau has already used his first term to engulf Canada even more completely into the culture of death. He legalized the killing of patients by their doctors (and even by nurses) starting in 2017.

His promotion of greater access to abortion, expanded taxpayer funding for abortion, and his nauseous repetition of the falsehood that abortion is a human right have been unceasing.

This pro-death extremism from the Prime Minister has certainly increased the number of preborn children killed by abortion, surgically and chemically. It has also dramatically increased the number of elderly and disabled adults who’ve chosen a poisoning death by assisted suicide or via lethal injection.

Trudeau has also waged war on free speech and religious freedom in many ways. The passage of the Liberal transgender ideology Bill, C-16, has ushered in an era of religious persecution, suppression of free speech, and state-compelled speech, which would have been unimaginable 10 years ago.

Canadians can now be charged with a hate crime and/or a human rights violation for referring to a biological male as “sir” or “him”, if that person objects. Or for refusing to utter made-up words that they don’t believe in, such as crazy transgender pronouns like “Zhe” and “Zir”.

Trudeau also put pressure on Facebook to crack down on “fake news”. Of course, that’s code word for conservative speech which contradicts Trudeau’s personal ideologies.

Trudeau is also busy drugging the youth of the nation with his legalization and normalization of marijuana. This drug is mind-altering and addictive. It also leads many young people to experiment with harder drugs like cocaine and heroin which often results in soul-destroying consequences.

With a second term, Trudeau would no doubt bring in even more legislation to destroy minds, bodies and souls. As appalling a Leader as Justin Trudeau is however, we must remember that he is not the sole problem. Western culture has been degenerating into immorality and perversion for 50+ years, long before Justin came along.

Recreating a pro-life ethos

To restore sanity, a pro-life ethos must once again start to pervade our culture. This must begin in our churches and our families. Our pastors must once again preach bold truths and confront the post-modern errors head-on, without fear of offending people who’ve embraced the lies.

Each one of us as individuals must share the truth with their friends and relatives, so as to slowly build up the movement, one person at a time. This ethos must work its way up through our public institutions, schools, hospitals, and humanitarian groups. For example, every school has a parent council which can have some influence on the school, and these volunteer positions should be filled by pro-life & pro-family parents.

Devout Christians and people of other faiths must seek leadership roles on the Board of Directors of the professional associations which regulate their particular careers and which carry significant influence on the direction of the culture. This include teachers unions, public sector unions, law societies, the College of Physicians & Surgeons, the Nursing Associations, and other regulatory bodies. Even non-professional associations must be led by people of faith including minor hockey, soccer, etc, where politically-correct ideologies have also infiltrated.

This pro-life ethos must pervade lower levels of government such as school boards, town councils and provincial legislatures, which have tremendous law-making and policy-making influence in the arena of moral issues.

By creating a pro-life ethos through all these other initiatives, it will help ensure that the field of candidates in future elections, in all parties, will have fewer men like Justin Trudeau and more people like William Wilberforce.

And of course, bringing us full circle, this work of restoring a culture of life must include injecting a pro-ethos in the federal government. On October 21st we will have the opportunity to do this through the ballot box.

Our 2019 ballot box decision

Our first consideration on how we cast our ballot in our home riding must be whether the candidate is pro-life. Under no circumstances should we cast a ballot for a politician who supports and defends the culture of death. What party the candidate belongs to must be a secondary concern versus what they stand for. We must use this election to show all politicians that we #VoteProlifeFirst.

If you believe in the sanctity of life, faith, family and freedom, inform yourself through our Voter Guide and ensure you vote for a candidate we have endorsed. The Voter Guide will continue to be updated over the coming weeks as we try to interview candidates who have not yet responded to Campaign Life Coalition’s survey, and as new candidates are announced by the parties. However, there are already a good number of pro-lifers whom we have qualified, and we ask you to start volunteering for them right away.

If after searching our Voter Guide you find there’s no supportable candidate in your riding, please work to elect one in an adjacent electoral district by volunteering for that individual’s campaign.

Don't know where your local candidate
stands on life & family issues?

Send them CLC's 2019 election survey, and ask them, as a voter, to give you answers