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This is a restricted-access content zone, only for the private donors and supporters of Campaign Life Coalition (CLC).

As a result of Justin Trudeau’s ongoing attempt to rig the 2019 federal election by eliminating conservative voices from the internet, CLC has been forced to shut down public access to our 2019 Voter Guide and candidate rating website pages.

In order to avoid the onerous and extreme reporting requirements for “Third party advertisers”, we must adhere by the Liberal-imposed gag period of July 1st to October 21st, 2019. Now, unfortunately, we are only permitted to share our 2019 Voter Guide resources and candidate ratings with our private list of donors/supporters.

If you already are a CLC donor/supporter and wish to enter the restricted-access zone, please apply, sign the attestation, and pay the nominal, two-year membership fee of $2.00. It is a one-time process that will allow you to log back in with a unique membership account.

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