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Candidate, Brian Barker

New Democrat Party | Niagara Falls, ON

CLC rating: Pro-abortion, anti-traditional marriage

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Not Supportable
Not Supportable
Rating Comments: Official NDP policy is pro-abortion. On Sep. 26, 2012 he voted against MP Stephen Woodworth's principled Motion 312 to study whether a child in the womb is a human being based on the preponderence of evidence from modern medical science. He also voted in favour of the reckless, transgender 'Bathroom Bill' (C-279) which, if passed, will put young girls and women at risk by creating a counterfeit, legal 'right' for men to access women's bathrooms and changerooms.
Percentage in last election: 18.02% (2019)
Victory margin last election: -17.49% (2019)
Religion / Faith: unknown
Constituency Offices Niagara Falls, Ontario
L2J 2L3
Parliamentary Office

Here is Brian Barker's voting record relating to life and family issues:

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Here are the answers for the questionnaire as provided by Brian Barker on 2019.

Question Response
Do you believe that life begins at conception (fertilization)? --
Do you support the conscience rights of health care professionals to refuse to do or refer for medical procedures which they oppose? --
If elected, would you vote in favour of a law to protect all unborn children from the time of conception (fertilization) onward? No (per party policy)
If elected, will you vote to pass laws protecting people from euthanasia and assisted-suicide, and vote to reject laws that would expand euthanasia and assisted-suicide? --
Are there any circumstances under which you believe a woman should have access to abortion? (note: Medical treatments to save the life of a mother and which result in the UNINTENDED death of her unborn child, are NOT abortions. Eg. in case of tubal pregnancy or cervical cancer) All circumstances (per party policy)

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