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Tracey gave perfect answer’s to CLC’s 2019 election questionnaire, regarding life issues and conscience rights

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Survey has not yet sent because CLC could not find his contact info. Therefore, his stance on sanctity of life issues is unknown.

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In August 2019, Scheer departed from his pro-life past by promising journalists that he would "oppose" any attempts by backbench Conservative MPs to bring forward pro-life private members bills and motions. On September 12, 2019 Scheer crossed a final red line, pledging to the media that he would personally vote against any pro-life private members bill or motion that might ever be introduced by a backbench MP.

In August, his spokespersons also boasted to the media about how Scheer actively supported an LGBTory policy resolution to abolish the party's long-time policy of supporting natural marriage between one man and one woman.

Scheer had an impeccable voting record on life & family issues during his long career as a federal MP. For many years, he earned the highest possible CLC Rating of "Pro-life, pro-family".

However, Scheer has drifted so far to the liberal left since becoming Leader of the Opposition, that we can no longer rate him either "Pro-life" or "Pro-family".

After announcing his bid for the Leadership of the Conservative Party of Canada, Scheer made the unfortunate decision to promise the liberal media that that his government would mimic Harper’s policy of not reopening the abortion debate. That is, of course, a denial of basic justice and civil rights to the 100,000+ children who are killed by abortion in Canada every year.

That stance also goes against the policy platform recently voted in by grassroots members of the party at the Vancouver Convention. The new policy declaration supports a ban on female gendercide abortions which target baby girls just because they’re girls. That's just a common sense policy which is supported not only by grassroots members, but also, overwhelmingly by Canadians in general. The Conservative Party's policy declaration also calls upon the Conservative government to implement legislation which punishes those who injure or kill an unborn child during a violent attack on his or her mother.

Another unfortunate comment was one he made during a televised interview in which Scheer suggested that pro-life legislation would not survive a constitutional challenge. That’s a problematic statement because it may be interpreted that Scheer believes there is a constitutional basis for the so-called “right” to kill children in-utero. That’s simply not true. Neither the Constitution nor the Charter espouses a right to abortion.

Further cause for concern about Scheer's ability to stand on principle in the long-term, came during the 2016 Conservative Party Policy Convention in Vancouver, where he caved under pressure from homosexual activists and their media allies, to abandon his principles on marriage and the natural family. At the Convention, Scheer spoke in favour of an anti-traditional marriage resolution advanced by a gay-activist lobby group. The resolution successfully struck down the Conservative Party's existing policy to support marriage between one man and one woman. Late in the leadership campaign, when feeling the competitive pressure for social conservative votes from Brad Trost and Pierre Lemieux, Scheer did add a couple of policies that would be beneficial to social conservatives and Canadians in general. These included a pledge to withhold taxpayer funds from universities that do not sufficiently protect free speech, and a $4000 tax credit for parents who private school or $1,000 for those who homeschool their children. Prior to the 2019 federal election however, he recanted both of those leadership policy promises.

Ever since the Leadership campaign, Scheer has continued to drift in an anti-family, pro-LGBTTIQ2S+ ideological direction. Under his leadership, the number of Conservatives marching in homosexual pride parades has flourished, obviously with the Leader's blessing. He has also adopted the propaganda terms used by the LGBT lobby and continued to signal that he supports the aims of the homosexual lobby. His spokespersons have said that Scheer supports homosexual "marriage".

So far left has Scheer drifted, that his office has disqualified and rejected Conservative nomination candidates over their public opposition to homosexual propaganda in schools, and to transgender ideology. The banned candidates were also pro-life and would have been powerful pro-life advocates.

Given the liberalization that Scheer has undergone, it is impossible for us to rate Andrew as "Pro-life" or "Pro-family". In order for his rating to change, he would have to recant some of his problematic statements, clearly state a pro-life and pro-family position statement, and offer some worthwhile socially-conservative policies. Only these public actions can undo the harm that Scheer has inflicted on his once proud CLC Rating.

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Based on press release by party Leader saying she supports abortion on-demand as well as a video interview with Leader Elizabeth May, saying abortion "is not a morally wrong decision by any means". Previous leader, Jim Harris, stated: "The Green Party is in favour of gay marriage and a woman's right to choose (on abortion)".
Tracey  Sparrowhawk(People's Party Of Canada) James  Plummer (Libertarian) Andrew Scheer(Conservative) Dale  Dewar(Green)
CLC Rating Pro-lifeunknownSupports abortion status quo; Opposes traditional marriagePro-abortion
RATING COMMENTS: Tracey gave perfect answer’s to CLC’s 2019 election q...

Survey has not yet sent because CLC could not find his co...

In August 2019, Scheer departed from his pro-life past by...

Based on press release by party Leader saying she support...

1. Do you believe life begins at conception (fertilization)? Yessurvey not yet sentno response--
2. Are there any circumstances under which you believe a woman should have access to abortion? Nosurvey not yet sentno responseAll circumstances (per party policy)
3. If elected, would you vote in favour of a law to protect all unborn children from the time of conception (fertilization) onward? Yessurvey not yet sentno responseNo (per party policy)
4. If elected, will you vote to pass laws protecting people from euthanasia and assisted-suicide, and vote to reject laws that would expand euthanasia and assisted-suicide? Yessurvey not yet sentno response--
5. Do you support the conscience rights of health care professionals to refuse to do or refer for medical procedures which they oppose? Yessurvey not yet sentno response--
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