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Side-by-Side Candidate Comparison in the Riding of Richmond Centre

Rating Comments

Alice has a perfect voting record on life & family issues. Formerly Minister of State (Seniors) in the 41st Parliament of Canada.

Rating Comments

Ivan's rating is being re-evaluated on the basis of conflicting positions that he purported to hold on the right to life, at different times in this election campaign.

On June 28, 2019 Ivan gave perfect answers to CLC's 2019 federal election questionnaire. On the basis of those answers, we rated him pro-life.

However, in a video interview posted September 11, 2019 Pak presented a stance in contradiction to his perfect survey responses. In the youtube video, he stated "I’m not a person who wants to take away the choices of women, they have the choice..". In the same video, he describes the pro-life position of criminalizing all abortion-killings as "one extreme", the pro-choice position of no abortion restrictions whatsoever as another "extreme", and says that he believes society should be "in the middle" of those two extremes.

Sadly, this is not a fully pro-life position. In fact, it is largely a pro-abortion position which holds that it should be legal to kill children in the womb depending on their size and level of development.

Alice Wong(Conservative) Ivan Pak(People's Party Of Canada)
CLC Rating Pro-life, pro-familyEvaluation is pending
RATING COMMENTS: Alice has a perfect voting record on life & family issues...

Ivan's rating is being re-evaluated on the basis of confl...

1. Do you believe life begins at conception (fertilization)? no responseYes
2. Are there any circumstances under which you believe a woman should have access to abortion? no responseNo
3. If elected, would you vote in favour of a law to protect all unborn children from the time of conception (fertilization) onward? no responseYes
4. If elected, will you vote to pass laws protecting people from euthanasia and assisted-suicide, and vote to reject laws that would expand euthanasia and assisted-suicide? no responseYes
5. Do you support the conscience rights of health care professionals to refuse to do or refer for medical procedures which they oppose? no responseYes
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