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Side-by-Side Candidate Comparison in the Riding of Peace River - Westlock

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A CLC supporter attended the 2015 nomination meeting for Peace River - Westlock and reported back to CLC that Arnold stated he was pro-life and opposed euthanasia, when asked a direct question. All the nomination candidates answered favourably but Arnold won the nomination. CLC followed up by emailing him a questionnaire on Aug 4, 2015 as well as follow up phone calls, but has not as yet received a response. Since becoming a Member of Parliament, Viersen has spoken out publicly against the forms of homicide known as euthanasia and assisted suicide.

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CLC's 2019 federal election survey not yet sent
Arnold Viersen(Conservative) John Schrader(People's Party Of Canada)
CLC Rating Pro-lifeunknown
RATING COMMENTS: A CLC supporter attended the 2015 nomination meeting for ...

CLC's 2019 federal election survey not yet sent

1. Do you believe life begins at conception (fertilization)? Yes (based on conversation with supporter)Survey not yet sent
2. Are there any circumstances under which you believe a woman should have access to abortion? no responseSurvey not yet sent
3. If elected, would you vote in favour of a law to protect all unborn children from the time of conception (fertilization) onward? --Survey not yet sent
4. If elected, will you vote to pass laws protecting people from euthanasia and assisted-suicide, and vote to reject laws that would expand euthanasia and assisted-suicide? --Survey not yet sent
5. Do you support the conscience rights of health care professionals to refuse to do or refer for medical procedures which they oppose? Yes (based on vote record)Survey not yet sent
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