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Andrew Scheer

Conservative Party Leader

Andrew Sheer's C score as a party leader is based on assessment of his personal leadership on 9 different measurement categories relating to policy, voting or actions, summarized as follows:

Summary of Actions

Voting Record

During his long career as an MP, he had an impeccable voting record on life & family issues and was considered an ally of the pro-life, pro-family movement.

Sanctity of Life

During a press conference at which he announced his bid for the Leadership of the Conservative Party of Canada, he promised the liberal media that an Andrew Scheer government would follow Stephen Harper’s policy of never reopening the abortion debate. That represents a denial of basic justice and human rights to the 100,000+ children annually who are killed by abortion in Canada.

In different interviews Scheer also implied that he would actively shut down any attempt by pro-life MPs to start a debate on abortion, while at other times, the impression given is that he might not interfere with a pro-life private member’s bill.

His stance of supporting the abortion-on-demand status quo also goes against the party’s official policy declaration in the sense that the policy declaration calls for a ban on female gendercide abortions, supports legislation to punish those who injure or kill an unborn child during a violent attack on his or her mother, and supports a law requiring that life-saving medical care be given to children who survive an abortion.

Scheer made another unfortunate comment during a televised interview in which he suggested that pro-life legislation would not survive a constitutional challenge, in such a way that it could be interpreted that Scheer himself believed there is a constitutional basis for the so-called “right” to kill children in-utero.

At the November 2018 policy convention in Halifax, Andrew Scheer used his influence as Leader to help defeat a grassroots, pro-life policy resolution that sought to delete Article 65 from the party policy declaration.

Article 65 states that, “A Conservative Government will not support any legislation to regulate abortion”. Deleting this policy would have taken away Scheer’s ability to point to this existing policy as a reason why he won’t allow debate on abortion. He has pointed to that article frequently.

In the lead up to the convention, Scheer told his MPs to “go out and speak against any policy that might embarrass the party”. Many MPs and other party officials understood that reference to mean socially-conservative policies, like Delete #65.

Indeed, MPs spoke against the delete Article 65 policy resolution. Before the final vote by delegates, Scheer’s office sent out a memo to MPs reminding them he would not allow a debate regardless of how the vote turned out. This had the effect of suppressing support amongst delegates for the resolution.

Prior to the final vote, Scheer also suppressed support for the resolution by making statements to the media in opposition to the pro-life policy resolution. Scheer’s strategy of voter suppression worked, and the Delete #65 policy was barely defeated by a margin 53% No votes to 47% Yes votes.

At a different time, in May 2018, Scheer gave journalists the impression that he scolded pro-life MP Ted Falk for shouting in the House of Commons that abortion is NOT a human right. Falk’s outburst was in response to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s statement in the House of Commons that his government would always “defend the right of women to have an abortion”.

This was a shameful response by Scheer, who should have applauded his MP for correcting Trudeau’s lie that there exists such a thing as a “right” to kill children. Instead, Scheer told reporters that he “respects the courts' decisions on the matter” and that he “spoke to” MP Falk
about his comment.

Marriage & the Family

During the 2016 Conservative Party Policy Convention, Scheer caved under pressure from homosexual-activists and their media allies to abandon his principles on marriage and the natural family. Scheer spoke in favour of an anti-traditional marriage resolution advanced by a gay-activist group, implying that the anti-family resolution was the right way to go for the party because “it’s the law of the land”.

Shortly after winning the party Leadership, Scheer signaled his further support of the LGBTTIQ2S+ agenda by inviting the LGBTory group to pose for a photo-op in the office of the Leader of the Opposition.

LGBTory is a homosexual-activist, lobby group that opposes traditional marriage, routinely vilifies Christians as “homophobic”, and whose ultimate goal is to push the Conservative Party to embrace and celebrate the entire homosexual agenda.

Transgender Ideology

Scheer voted against Liberal Bill C-16, which enshrined the un-scientific theories of “Gender Identity” and “Gender Expression” into Canada’s Criminal Code and Human Rights Act. The fact he voted against it is good.

The bill passed, and brought the tyranny of “compelled speech” into Canada. The government can now force Canadians to utter words they do not believe, such as made-up personal pronouns, like “Zhe” and “Zhir: instead of “He” and “Her”. The State can also use this draconian law to punish Canadians for refusing to refer to a sexually-confused, biological male as a woman, with female pronouns.

However, Scheer did not vow to repeal Bill C-16, when, during the 2017 Conservative Leadership race, some of his leadership competitors promised to repeal the tyrannical law. Scheer remained silent.

Neither has Scheer ever promised to repeal Bill C-16 since becoming Leader, nor in the lead up to the 2019 election. This is bad.

Gay Pride Parades

Unlike his predecessor Stephen Harper, who reportedly forbade Conservative MPs marching in homosexual pride parades, Andrew Scheer has not demonstrated a similar sensitivity and respect for the socially-conservative base of his party.

Under Scheer’s leadership, the Harper-era constraints have been removed, and it’s now common place to witness the spectacle of supposedly “conservative” MPs marching in the lewd sex parade.

Conservative MPs now march in homosexual parades in Toronto, Vancouver, and many other locations. This is seriously disrespectful to the so-con base of the party which believes in natural marriage, the nuclear family, and that there exists only two biological sexes as opposed to dozens of genders.

As for himself, Scheer told reporters he will not personally march in a gay pride parade. However, the reason he has given for staying away is not as one might expect, the Catholic faith in which he was raised. Rather, he seemed to suggest that it was merely due to the technicality that gay pride organizers don’t allow uniformed police officers to participate.

Scheer told journalists that although he doesn’t personally march: “There are other ways that I’ve chosen to show support for the (LGBT) community”.

Open Nominations

Under Andrew Scheer, the Conservative Party has been disqualifying pro-traditional marriage candidates who dare to publicly express support for a biblical view of sexuality and/or opposition to transgender ideology.

Although this did occasionally happen under Harper, the discriminatory practice appears to have grown under Scheer. In March 2019, the party disqualified Dr. Ann Gillies who was seeking the nomination in Bruce-Grey-Owen Sound. Gillies is a Christian, pro-biblical sexuality, psychotherapist who was disqualified over her public opposition to homosexual “marriage” and transgender ideology.

Christian television host, Laura-Lynn Tyler Thompson, was an outspoken opponent of teaching sexual orientation and gender identity theory in schools to young children. She produced several television programs about the topic. The Scheer Conservatives rejected her application to seek the CPC nomination twice, in two different ridings. Obviously, it was her public expression of biblical beliefs on human sexuality that caused the party to reject her, although it would not admit it.

This is a despicable policy of discrimination and just as reprehensible as Justin Trudeau’s policy of banning pro-life Canadians from becoming candidates in the Liberal Party.

Free Speech

Late in the 2017 CPC Leadership campaign, Scheer pledged to withhold taxpayer funds from universities that do not sufficiently protect free speech. This was an excellent policy.

However, he later undermined the very principle of free speech, by banning socially conservative Christians from running for the party, simply because they expressed biblical beliefs about marriage and human sexuality.


In April 2017, Scheer immediately gave up the fight against legalizing drugs, telling Global News during the Conservative Leadership race that he would not attempt to recriminalize marijuana if elected Prime Minister.

Instead he would support the status quo of keeping this dangerous and highly-addictive gateway drug that ruins so many lives, legal.

Parental Rights

During the CPC leadership, he promised a $4000 tax credit for parents who private school or homeschool their children. This could be a welcoming reprieve for parents who are trying to protect their children from the radical, sexual and ideological indoctrination that’s taking place in schools across Canada.

NOTE: Always make your voting decision based on the merit of your local candidates, not the Party Leaders. If a local candidate in your riding has a green light rating from Campaign Life Coalition, vote for them, even if the Party Leader disappoints.

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